Empire Sun Solar Water Heater

The vacuum tube with heat-pipe solar collector is a breakthrough in solar thermal technology. It consists of a glass evacuated tube and a copper heat pipe installed within the tube. The copper heat pipe transmits heat to its tip which is plugged into the collectors heat transfer manifold. As water runs through the manifold, heat is transferred from the copper heat pipe to the water. The heat pipe transfers the heat to the manifold by a very simple method. The copper heat pipe is hollow and contains heat transfer fluid. Once the fluid is heated, vapor rises to the tip (condenser) of the heat pipe where the heat is transferred to the water flowing through the manifold. The loss of heat causes the vapor to condense and flow back down the heat pipe where the process is once again repeated. This method of heat transfer is a thousand times more efficient than a solid copper rod. Heat is therefore very efficiently transferred from the glass evacuated tube to the water.

The heat-pipe solar collector has the following advantages:

·         Heat-pipe conduction ensures the fluid inside cannot be obstructed by outside contaminants and will continually produce vapor when heated.

·         It prevents the tube from being easily broken caused by the volume expansion when the water in the tube freezes in frigid season.

·         Easy start-up for hot water production every day. Heat energy can be transferred within two minutes under sunshine. The stagnation temperature of the heat-pipe can reach up to 220degrees C.

·         High efficient selective absorptive coatings and vacuum heat insulation technology ensure the tube gets higher heat output in cloudy weather and in moist areas, even in countries with winter.

·         A solar collecting plate is installed and sealed inside the tube of high-quality borosilicate glass with 5×10-3 Pa of vacuum, hence it cannot be corroded event in moist area.

·         If one tube is broken, the system will still function and no water will come out from the storage tank.

The solar collector is designed to be used with pressures up to 8 bar/116psi. This means it is compatible with all low pressures, and most main pressure domestic hot water systems. In closed loop or sealed (dead water) thermal store systems an expansion vessel is often used to prevent pressure buildup as the water expands. A pressure release valve should also be used as a safety backup.


Empire Sun CP (Compact Pressure)

Empire Sun NP (Non-pressure)

Empire Sun EX (Heat exchanger)

Empire Sun ST (Split type)