Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Solar Photovoltaic Panels, also known as Solar PV for short, are polycrystalline panels that collect solar energy by way of solar radiation and convert them into DC electricity. The DC electricity is then converted into AC through an inverter.

There are two types of solar PV systems: On Grid PV system and Off Grid PV system. The On Grid PV system is where a solar panel is installed into a household or industrial system connected to the grid, where an energy provider (in the case of the most parts of the Philippines, Meralco) provides electricity by default. With the electricity from the solar energy entering the system, a bi-directional meter is installed, which helps redirect and meter electricity from Meralco and from the solar panel, with Meralco compensating for excess electricity provided by the solar panels through purchase (deductions in electricity bill. Off Grid PV systems are simpler—solar energy from the sun passes through a charge controller, which then brings the discharge to batteries and charges them. Electricity from these batteries are then directed to the household/industrial system for conventional use.

JinkoSolar is, per Bloomberg’s tier rankings, the top provider of solar photovoltaic products (including solar panels) in the world. Edward Marcs acquires and installs these solar panels in solar PV projects nationwide.