Sedna Aire Solar Aircon

SEDNA AIRE uses the Solar Absorption System to achieve what it has been claiming all along, a significant reduction in energy consumption. With the use of Solar Absorption System, Sedna Aire is designed to carry full air-conditioning load especially during sunny periods.  It utilizes a Solar Heat Pipe Collector in absorbing heat energy from the sun which is in turn used to displace electricity used in the cooling process. Although it still requires electricity to pump the refrigerant, the amount of power used is very minimal compared to that consumed by a compressor in a conventional electric air-conditioner. Sedna Aire, being a low electricity consuming air-conditioning unit, significantly reduces the harmful carbon (CO2) emission, a major cause of global climate change. It also uses the most Ozone friendly refrigerant R410. Savings, as spelled by this product, help realize a return on investment in 3 years or less.

SEDNA AIRE, being a green product, assures you of a clean, green and sustainable environment. Because it consumes less electricity, you get the highest savings no other brands can offer. Sedna Aire is the only product where one can experience economics, advance technology and ecology working together.

Wall Mounted (9000BTU, 12000BTU, 20000BTU, 24000BTU)


Floor Standing (24000BTU, 36000BTU, 48000BTU)


Ceiling Cassette (24000BTU, 36000BTU, 48000BTU)


Floor/Ceiling Suspended (24000BTU, 36000BTU, 48000BTU)


Concealed Ducted (24000BTU, 36000BTU, 48000BTU)