Edward Marcs has been in the solar business for years, and is no stranger to solar thermal technology. Heating in the form of Ecogen Solar Water Heaters harness the heat of the sun for conventional use in homes and offices alike, whilst cutting down electrical costs needed for water heating processes.


The Philippines is a tropical country, therefore jocking up the already-high electricity bill from prolonged use of conventional air conditioning. Edward Marcs comes with a solution--with the Sedna Aire Solar Assisted Air Conditioner, that uses the heat from the sun to substitute certain electrical processes required in air conditioning. Simultaneously providing quality comfort to its customers whilst providing a means to electricity savings through renewable energy is what the company strives for.


In alignment with one of the company’s missions of providing alternative sources of energy, Edward Marcs incorporates state of the art Solar Photovoltaic technology in on-grid and off-grid solar panel installations that help incur savings--be it for offices or residences. With the country’s most experienced solar technicians and engineers, Edward Marcs holds a reputation for installing and maintaining over hundreds of projects nationwide, scaling in magnitude from a family home to an entire factory. Edward Marcs has also been able to utilize the sun’s energy for communities, such as providing light through solar-powered streetlights.

Edward Marcs Philippines, Inc.

A duly registered company dedicated to providing energy solution since 1984. It started as a reliable supplier of various diesel engine components for the premier government- owned power company, National Power Corporation (NPC). We supply complete line of spare parts for various types of diesel engine such as Wartsila Sulzer, SEMP-Pielstick, MHI-MAN, MWM-DEUTZ, Perkins diesel engine and generator set. At present, we continue to provide quality engine parts for independent power producer such as Bauang Private Power Corp and Palawan Power to name a few.
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