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PE2 opens 2020 with a call for increased cooperation for the EE sector after productive 2019

PE2 trustees and member representatives gather for a Christmas gathering on 21 December 2019. From left to right: Nilo Andujar, Felix Richard A. Cordova, Rodolfo R. Peñalosa, Luigi G. Eusebio, Richard A. Uy, Alexander Ablaza, Raymond A. Marquez, Ronaldo R. Torres, Thomas K.K. Teehan. Inset: PE2 trustee Rodolfo R. Peñalosa (rightmost) leads ATOMS Reborn Band in one of their live numbers during that PE2 get-together. (PE2 photos)

MAKATI CITY, 1 January 2019 – The Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2) opened the calendar year 2020 with thankful appreciation for the collective efforts in 2019, as well as a call for bolstered commitment toward the scaled-up transformation of the local energy efficiency market.

PE2 president Alexander Ablaza conveyed earlier today a New Year Message, initially shared with the members of the PE2 Board of Trustees. Addressing the general membership of the Alliance, the message read:

“CY 2019 has been a huge milestone year for energy efficiency in the Philippines. And our collective efforts as PE2 are a big reason for prayerful thanksgiving as we close 2019. Join me in welcoming 2020 with an even stronger commitment to grow energy efficiency in this country, if not elsewhere. Together, let us show the world that our alliance can indeed transform our energy efficiency market. I wish you, your member company colleagues, and your loved ones the peace and joy of the Christmas season, and the hope for an energy-efficient 2020 ahead!”